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We Should Be More Afraid of Computers Than We Are

18/05/2018 4:14 pm

Computer Fear Sophisticated Algorithms As sophisticated algorithms can complete tasks we once thought impossible, computers are seeming to become a real threat to humanity. Whether they decide to pulp us into human meat paste, or simply make our work completely unnecessary, argues technology reporter Alex Hern, we should be afraid…

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Superdroid HD2 Swateod Tactical Treaded Robot W5DOF Arm

Superdroid HD2 Swateod Tactical Treaded Robot Arm • Rugged all-terrain tracked platform designed for SWAT • Powerful 5 Degree of freedom robot…

18/05/2018 3:17 pm
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We Are The Robots

... and back soon with a vengeance!

14/03/2018 2:41 am